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Computer part out! Swiftech/X1900Xt/4800X2/G.skill !

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I am in the process of putting together another rig, at least I'll be fininshing it up as soon as I get some of this stuff sold... Here is what I've got:


Amd X2 4800 Skt 939 : 200 ShippedSOLD


1GBx2 G.Skill PC4000 HZ's : 245 ShippedSOLD


Dfi lanparty UT Nf4 Ultra D : 75 shipped


Powercolor X1900XT : 225 Shipped


Swiftech Storm Rev.2 : 80 ShippedSOLD


Swiftech MCW60 : 30 ShippedSOLD


Swiftech MCP655 : 60 ShippedSOLD


BlackIce GTS 240 : 30 ShippedSOLD


1/2" barbs on everything, and I have the original box/paperwork for both the motherboard, and the video card... Also, I have the original H/S fan off of the video card, however it is not attached... I could sell the waterblock/graphics card together if someone wants that combo.


All prices OBO, however please don't lowball me


Paypal and USPS M.O.'s are accepted, and I will ship internationally, but shipping will be extra!


Heatware : Nightshadow


All items will be going out via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.


Here are some old pics... My camera is acting oddly, however when I get it fixed, I'll get some updated ones.. All this stuff is in immaculate condition, and essentially has only been used for a few months.









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The Swiftech MCW60, Swiftech MCP655, and the BlackIce GTS 240 are mine hehe.




P.S. You lucky b***ard. You sell 3 parts on the day you post em and I've been trying to sell my case for 3 weeks... :rolleyes:

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