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Can't get the SATA 1.0 controller enabled.

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Just like I said in the title, I can't get the SATA 1 drive ports to show up in bios, at all. all my info is in sig, but I'm stumped. Is there a bios option I need to enable? If so, I can't find it. Throw me some ideas here, I'm totally tapped out on this one.

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are they grayed out.


1 nvidia or sil


if its sil image go to part where you set the ram speed mem86 built n test..


option to turn on sil 3114 (old/new/raid/sata on/off)


should be the same as the expert bios?


the sil 3114 will not show up in bios (hdd details)


they will appear at bootup (black screen white writing)


sil 3114 sata controller


0hdd 500wd

1hdd 400wd

2hdd 750 segate

3hdd nec dvd burner



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