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Anyone run Mac OSx86 on a DFI NF4 Ultra D?

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yes, i have actually on my Lanparty UT Ultra-D.

i ran into it and just got curious a while back.

had to use grub to dual boot, though.


i might have some pics to post later on if i can find them, but right now i have two pc's in a mess in pieces that have the pics on...i think i still have them...?

but till i get them put back together i can't post them...lol.


once it was on my system it ran smooth and all...but it never kept the same settings after i rebooted my system. everytime i booted into OSX it asked me again and again their 'standard info'...name, street, email, username and password.....


when i tried to shut down the pc or restart, it never really shut it down...it just had their little circle spinning away to beat the band till i manually shut it down.


good luck trying to find device drivers for everything.

couldn't get ANYTHING to work, really.


NO access to other h/ds...i tried mounting fat32, ntfs, ext2, ext3...ntfs mounted, but wouldn't read anything...

no floppy access...

NO access to either my yukon or nvidia ethernet...

lol...u couldn't do anythign but read from the dvd drive i installed it from.

it was cool eye candy for 2/3 days to piss off my brother who uses macs, cuz he bet me a $100 that i couldn't get it installed...

but ended up only giving me $50, cuz i got it installed...but nothing else...haha.

yeah, deleted all the files and stuff i had to it...basically the boot image was a couple gig...waste of space. enjoy it for a fews days if you can get it to boot, brag to ur friends....but i Guarantee you'll end up deleting it too.

if you want a mac, get a mac.



actually i just looked though my email, and have one i sent to my mac bro.

doesn't show you too much, but it was there on my system...

enjoy. :)



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