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BSOD while flashing bios

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Hello, I was flashing the bios of my board and suddenly I got a BSOD now my computer won't turn on, I can only get the computer to turn on when I use the internal power switch. Even then the system doesn't show anything.

Is there a way of re-flashing the board?





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ouch that's no fun. The BIOS chip needs to be flashed externally at this point, you basically have 2 options:


1. buy a new chip pre-flashed with what you want (try www.biosmedic.com)

2. hot-flash it (turn on a friend's PC, swap BIOS chips while it's running, flash, and swap the chip back out and into your PC. Hot-flashing is pretty dangerous because if you short out the wrong pins by accident you could end up frying your friend's mobo)

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