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Watercooling my Lian-Li PC-V1100

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So it turns out that this is extremely expensive, more so than I would have previously thought






...And I still need $400 in memory and a $45 240mm radiator

Plus a SATA DVD burner, water-jet cutting, chroming, and powder coating

(though I am thinking that it may not be necessary for the powder coating anymore, we'll see)

You'll notice I went with the pre modified V1100 with the "full view side panel"

As much as I'd have liked to do this myself, it's so clean and well done.

The water-jetting would have cost a lot

(I'm still going to do something with the door though!)

Stay tuned, I'm going to get a quote for the chroming this weekend/next week :D

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So this is why you're selling everything you own. :sweat:


So the water-jetting, you're taking it to a shop for this, right? Doesn't it take some of the fun out of it when you're not doing the work yourself? Or do you have enough planned as it is :tooth: Sounds good though. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Are you going to keep anything a surprise?

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The USPS man came today... he dropped by my new 1/2" Tygon R-3400 as well as a request to come and pickup what I presume to be my CPU


My power supply was also delivered but that went to my dad's shop




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I feel like I'm taking pictures of stuff no one cares about, but that's how it's gotta be until my case comes :D


Corsair HX-620...





I'm going to the post office to pickup my E6400 so I'll be sure to post pictures of that as well :)

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