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General Septem

General Septem's FS thread

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USPS shipping to the continental US and Canada.

Shipping included where noted.

PayPal only.

My Heatware is General Septem.


I don't have much Heatware rep yet, but my reputation around here is excellent. I am not looking to waste any body's time or money.


I can guarantee that everything I sell here was last known to be working. I take very good care of everything I own.


Payments must clear prior to shipping.

I will do my best to ship within 2 business days.

I may provide my overclocks simply as an example of what these components are capable of.

I cannot guarantee the same results for you.


The pen is not for sale.


I will consider ALL serious offers.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to PM me.

Thanks for looking.




1: Creative PRODiKEYS - $25.00 OBO

Computer keyboard with a 37-note keyboard attached to it

Excellent condition

Purchased several years ago, but my dad upgraded to a professional MIDI keyboard system shortly thereafter

Keyboard cover included





6: SONY Network Walkman NW-MS11 - $40.00

-Bought new for $200 several years ago.

-Comes with two batteries, recharger, carrying case, drivers CD and 128MB OpenMG Memory Stick, with a selection of music I had on it when I used it last, back in December.

-You've probably never heard all but two or three of the tracks on the device. So, your $40 buys you an interesting selection of music too. :)

-I am selling it because I got a 60GB Creative Zen Vision: M for Christmas to replace it.

-I take very good care of my possessions. The case is a little worn, but the electronics still work as well as they ever did.










4: ULTRA Wizard - SOLD to InFeKtioN for $38 shipped

-Pristine condition - never used

-I bought it to throw my system into while I built my case, but it was too cramped and I'm not patient when my only rig is in pieces. :)

-You can fit a lot into this case if you spend a little time. I didn't because I was in a hurry to get up and running again. It's been sitting in the box ever since, so it is in new condition.

-Everything included in the original packing will be included, less the UPC code on the box.






3: Emuzed Angel PCI Dual TV Tuner - SOLD to AnUnknownSource

-Dual TV Tuner, PCI interface.

-Coaxial and S-Video supported.

-Came with my dad's Dell Dimension 8400 MCE, purchased a

-We have no use for it and needed the extra slot.




2: ASUS EN6600GT - SOLD to HITandRUN for $40

-Purchased December 2005, first used January 2006

-500/1000 stock, it ran @ 575/1170 using Rivatuner, under a Zalman VF900-CU which I've sold offline.

-Never modded, excellent condition.

-Excellent card for video and moderate gaming.

-Unit arrived with one of the ramsinks unstuck. I don't have thermal adhesive, so I am including two Zalman ramsinks in addition to the original at no additional cost.

-DVI and VGA outputs




5: Thermalright HR-03 - SOLD to Altered for $25.00

-Like new condition

-I bought this to replace the stock cooler on my 6600GT, only to find it would not fit. It has been in the box ever since. I did not sell it earlier because I wanted to wait until my next card purchase; I wanted to make sure I'd never need it again.

-Can be mounted two ways. Both mounting surfaces are factory lapped to a mirror shine.

-Everything is included, including literature, original packaging, mounting hardware, bumper sticker, and ramsinks.





Hynix DDR2 400 PC2 3200 RAM, 2*512MiB - SOLD to THEoBZ for $40

Pulled from my dad's Dell Dimension 8400 MCE when he upgraded to 4GiB.

The Dell was purchased around a year and a half to two years ago. The RAM was replaced a few months ago, and was in perfect working condition at that time.

-RAM only

-Matched set - all markings on both DIMMs are identical

-No heat spreader

-Label says:


"512MB 1Rx8 PC2-3200U-333-12

HYMP564U648-E3 AA-A 0515"





AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice - SOLD to no-control for $35 shipped



-IHS removed, included

-CPU only

-Ran at 2.4 GHz on stock cooling

-I had no use for it after I upgraded to Opteron 165

-Purchased new from Newegg in January 2006



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Bump, new item added: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice (I couldn't get a good pic of the damn thing, either my camera takes crappy pics for something that small or I just don't know how to use the thing)

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