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Which Memory???

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You can see my mobo and setup from my sig. As you can see that I have 1GB of OCZ memeory, but I would like to upgrade to 2GB, I am not if there is any memory compatabilities with my setup (mobo)


The memory I have been looking at have different speeds, but are around the same price give or take a few quid ;)











TIA :)

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Given that your 4000+ has a multiplier of 12, PC3200 RAM should suit you fine. However, if you plan on upgrading to a dual-core with a low multiplier (hint hint, lol) then PC4000 would do good for you. Seeing as that set of OCZ RAM is as expensive as the PC4000 stuff anyway (as a comparison), I would just get some of that Patriot for $237 and that Cellshock for $265, I think it was.


They have UCCC chips, which work pretty well in this area. (the Patriot seems to have changed IC's though, so watch out)

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