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CFX3200-DR: Stable in XP, but will not boot into Vista

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Hi ppl,


I did a lot of reading about the CFX3200 motherboards both before and after purchasing it (read about how good it was before buying, and how bad it was after buying, lol).


As soon as I put in this board, Windows XP loaded fine until I installed the supplied ULi drivers. After that, XP would reboot as soon as the loading screen comes up.


After reading about the issues everyone was having, I booted XP into the last known good configuration, flashed my BIOS to 7/28 and installed the 2.20 ULi drivers from Nvidia. After that, all was well! No issues! I rule!



Now I am installing Vista on another hard disk (same make, size, but 16mb instead of 8mb cache). The hard disks are not connected at the same time, but rather I move the SATA cables from one drive to the other (so as to not complicate things).


Installing Vista was fine and had no problems, until it came to load Vista for the first time. Reboots right at the loading screen, just like XP did before I installed the new ULi drivers. Except Vista is rebooting even with the default drivers!


I go into safe mode and I get a msg saying "Windows cannot complete installation in safe mode".



How am I supposed to install the correct chipset drivers if I can't even get into Windows in the first place?


Like I said, the ONLY difference between this hard disk and the one with XP is the cache size. I thought I'd point that out since it seems to be pertinent. Surely I should be able to at least boot into Vista. All my hardware is fairly new, exactly what Vista is made for!


Anything I can try to get Vista to boot up?


Any BIOS settings I should be playing with?


Should I use the SiL SATA instead? Do I have to change any BIOS settings to enable it?


Should I just bite the bullet and buy yet another new motherboard (Asus or Abit perhaps)? If I do however, all the crossfire motherboards I've looked at have the same ULi m1575 chipset, am I just going to have the exact same problems, or is this something unique to the CFX3200, not the ULi chipset?


Please help, oh wise ones... :)

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I had no problems installing Vista Ultimate 64.

No motherboard drivers were needed it found my raid setup no problem & lan ports

Oh & i have no m1575 disks errors so far with vista 64 none with the drivers in vista

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