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3dmark scores after first stable OC

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Apparently i was able to OC the current rig that's in my sig to a stable 2.650 Mhz(265x10)@ 1.42v. My first 3dMark05 run netted me a startling 10k. SO i did another run that gave me an even higher number. Check out the link below




I'm workin on Orthos runs and more 3dMark screenies for OCDB entry.

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Heh, yeah but after running 05, 06 is gunna make him cry.


My old 3800x2 in 05



Current Rig in sig in 06, didn't try 05, why bother..




i have a question at your 05 score, it say's 7900GT and still you have more score's as i do with my 8800gts, how come or did i miss something?

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