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Nvidia Vista drivers lawsuit?

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I agree with most of you, I mean, if he really has to play his little games and stuff, then he should've stayed with XP for a while. It can't be that much trouble. And I mean, come on, a frickin lawsuit? Do I sue the mailman when he's late during a snowstorm?

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You got to love those updated driver programs. They can have just as many bugs in them as Windows. I updated my creative drivers and could not save my settings. I had to turn on my coax everytime I turn on my computer. Go into my settings in Creative sound and switch from mic back to coax to get it to turn on. Thanks to someone who didn't work for Creative made a little program I could put into my start up folder to keep my settings.


Go through all that just to play a newer game. As for Vista, WAIT a year and everything will finally be ready. If you like bugs, don't wait.




This has been driving me nuts for over a year!!!!!!


(You are talking about turning on the "bit accurate playback" right?????)

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