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NF590 with OPT 1212 BIOS and OC help needed

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Hello all. I am really confused about this board's BIOS. I have printed out the OC guide but it hasn't helped me make sense of this BIOS. Perhaps I am still stuck in the NFII world and can't get the old school crap out of my mind.


Anyway - first of all, here's the problem. As I type, this board is set at 300x10. It's quite stable and that is quite cool. I achieved this simply by changing the CPU/C51 frequency. I assume this is the CPU to Northbridge Frequency?? Whatever... When I change this it shows I am at 3 GHZ in CPUZ and in NTune. Now, there is another HTT setting directly below this group of 3 settings (CPU/C51 has Frequency, Multi and Width), is C51/MCP55 Frequency, Multi, and Width. I have not touched those settings. Anyway, the problem is I am running the OCZ Optimized memory for this board - the NF590 special. It's PC6400 - DDR800. Anyway, I have to set the frequency to DDR400 speeds. Anything above that, 266... 333 ..400, with this overclock and it simply will not run. Currently that gives me a DDR600 speed. I should certainly be able to do better than that.... but if I step it up to 266... no boot... just long beeps. I don't see where I can 'fine tune' the memory frequency and I also see no mem devider... I know this memory (According to OCZTony) is supposed to do 2T at DDR1000 speeds... well crap I can't get it to do stock speeds with this clock at 2T - It is currently set at 2T. What is the max V I should give this memory??



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