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Newegg Vista Sweepstakes

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no purchase neccessary


It's about the only reason I'm posting this, lol

go here.

hope one of us wins! :)




(residents of FL, NY and RI are not eligible to participate)

that's wrong!!!!!!! bastids!

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Kids and your cool states....

That does suck though. :angel:

This "kid" has snow on his roof [gray hair] and less spring in his step these days. Most contests/sweepstakes are OK in Florida; mostly it's NJ, Delaware and NH that doesn't allow them. I don't understand why this one is void in Florida, doesn't make sense to me. I've been wanting a Core 2 Extreme quad core since they first came out, but @ $900+ U.S. for just the processor it's something I just can't afford. I'd love to win an entire system that has one in it! Oh well.


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