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My One Year Report - 100% uptime!

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Ok, this is just a quick message to share some good news on these forums...for a change.


I am happy to announce that just last week I surpassed the one year mark with the system in my signature here...


During that year, I maintained 100% uptime, I had no hardware problems at all, the system has been overclocked @ 2.76 ghz the entire time, and I never even had to do a single reinstall of XP Pro!!!!!!!


I am very happy to report this and I must say that DFI makes a fantastic product. I remember when I first started researching the rig, and DFI-Street went a longgggggggggg way in helping me do so without any major problems at all!


A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone here who helped me, and for the admins and mods who keep this site running! For all of you who are having problems getting it going, just stick with it and I promise you that the DFI motherboards will make you VERY happy for a long time!


ok, you may now return to your regularly scheduled gripes, bitching, fears, moans, and complaints. :beer


/knock on wood.

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