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My god...what next?

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Okay.... so I got a great deal on a bunch of Corsair ram (yeah in my sig) and went to install it into my LP Pro875B and then.......nothing. I checked ram in another rig I had going and the ram was fine. Put my GEIL Platinum back in the old rig and...... beep beep beep.... nothing.

I have sent six (count 'em SIX) emails to DFI engineers to get after this problem since Christmas and .............. ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH.....NADA.


The old board now only registers one, sometimes two ram slots working. Sometimes none at all. So I tried to find out from retailer how long warranty on board is...... nothing. No answer. NADA.




Got great deal on UT board and processor so fine. But I still want to know what the heck is wrong with my old board and if it's still covered!


Before anyone asks me if I installed memory correctly, yes I did. I've been building computers (and some of them even worked! :rolleyes: ) since 1995.


So.... all I want to know is;

1) what's the warranty from DFI

2) will it be easy to send it in for RMA

3) will I EVER get it back? (yes have RMA problems from some companies)


I bought board in April 05 so it over a year old. But from what I remember the warranty displayed at retailer ( a large national online one who's initals begin with T D.... was 3 years but could never find any documents supporting this. And they don't even know. Good luck getting ANY information out of them.


help. please?

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