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Cool and Quiet problems with different RAM Speeds

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I have a really strange problem with my system.


Here are some specs:

Mobo: DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra

CPU: X2 3800+ Toledo (@3GHz)



Since I successfully oced my system to 3 GHz I have very anoying freezes until I try to C'n'Q my system with RMClock or the standard AMD driver.

BUT: This only happens if I set a mem divider in the bios. (I need a divider, my ram only goes up to 270 MHz)


So I tried some things:

- CPU @ 2,7 GHz / Mem @ 270 MHz = C'n'Q works

- CPU @ 3,0 GHz / Mem @ 250 MHz = C'n'Q not working

- CPU @ 3,0 GHz / Mem @ 200 MHz = C'n'Q works


So please tell me:

Why is C'n'Q only working with no mem-divider (1:1) and with a divider that forces the mem to run @ 200MHz.

Is it impossible to use C'n'Q with other dividers or other RAM-speeds?





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#1 never enable Cool & Quiet if you are overclocking





Cool & Quiet changes voltages, cpu multiplier on the fly based on how much work the system is doing


when you overclock, you turn off "AUTO" settings and manually put in settings...when you do this, C&Q can no longer change those settings on the fly because your manual settings override them


(this leads to mega problems for overclockers, so always turn off C&Q when overclocking)

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