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WTS - 2 x 512MB Corsair XMS PC3200

Guest Jackie_merged

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Corsair XMS PC32000 Ram


I have 2 sticks of Corsair 512MB Ram I'm looking to sale.




Looking for $115 shipped or best offer. Lowered $100.00!


One of these sticks is a RMA received on 1/26/07, the other was bought off Newegg.com in the fall of 2006. I've only had the RMA stick in to test otherwise new.




AGP Chaintech GeForce 5700LE For Sale.




I bought from New Egg a few years back, looking for $45.00 or best offer. Now $40.00!



PCI-E Nvidia 6600 Video Card For Sale.




Bought in November 2006, was running in SLI Mode with a MSI card until the MSI card went out....


Looking for $55.00 shipped or best offer.


Ebay: jackieelliott23

Heat: JackieElliott


[email protected]

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