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X-Fi Crackling/Popping Ultra-D

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I have X-Fi as well and didn't got any problem so far,

I was afraid to buy this card because what i heard but i have seen that it's not happend to all people.

Anyway there should be two things that can happend to this:

1. Card manufactring problem

2. conflict with onboard sound card , try to disable it on BIOS(if u didn't do that so far)


Oh, this is beyond stuff like that. Trust me, I (and many with me) have tried everything from changing the slot to standing on one foot and waving the left arm. It's a timing/bus-conflict and creative says manufacturers have to update their BIOS'es, which is sort of what I wanted to know: if the xfi vs nforce4 issue have been fixed through bios and if so, which versions.

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