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So you think you want to go Windows Vista huh? (part 2, Angry's rant)

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Interesting find. I'm not to worried about any of that at this point. For one, Windows Defender can be shut down and disabled as well as the whole Security Center. Two, I'm not buying into this whole Blu-Ray HD-DVD stuff at all. I really don't care about HD content at this point. I'm quite happy with my 480P DVD player and besides I'm not going to replace 400+ DVD's just because HD is the new thing.

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Like I stated earlier This is NOT my main PC. I don't really care how DRM affects performance at this point. Yeah it could make games and other process intense software perform slow and crappy, but thats why I have more than one PC at home. I never said I was committing to Vista, just checking it out to see what it has to offer me as a PC user. If it turns out to be a lame duck and doesn't do what I want it to do, oh well, I've still got XP.


I know a lot of you have already convinced yourselves that Vista is not the way to go, and thats fine. I on the other had have not heard one good reason to not check it out on a bunch of parts I threw together and called a "Vista Ready PC".

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Vista with its DRM, MS being able to turn off my stuff *because they want to*, and the hassle that insues after changing componants (including but not limited to Motherboards), has given me the push to move to linux full time. I have been using different distros for a few years now.... I like Ubuntu very well, and as far as nothing works *wispers* its called easyubutnu. The only hassle is setting up propriatary dirves and I just finnished that last night! Gaming you say - Cedega 15 dollars. Yep I have that working too. Works great with my MMMOG of choice City of Heroes.


Now the sort of- I'll still be using xp on my HTPC boxen with GB-PVR. I tried the MS media experience it sucked and crashed alot. I know, I know some of you guys love it, Not me.... Be sides does it mark commercals? can you transcode to avi automatically???

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I was excited about moving from 3.1 to 95. It took a little getting used to, but was worth it in the end.


I was excited to move from 95 to 98 (and then to 98se). Not a huge adjustment, but I was happy about the change. That is I was happy about it for a while until I learned what a POS 98 was.


Then I was thrilled to move from 98 to 2000 Pro. At this point I became very happy with windows. 2000 Pro was reliable & stable (unlike its counterpart Me, a Royal Flaming Bag of .). I settled in to 2000 pro nicely.


When XP came around, I was excited about it, but knew that I would be better of waiting for a while until they got some of the kinks worked out.

Late in 2003 I made the jump to XP and am happy I did.


Moving from XP to Vista.... Not happy about this at all.


I have seen many times here, as well as other forums, the great heralds and supporters of Vista shooting down the 'Nay-Sayers' with arguements such as "Everyone said the same thing about XP, 98, 95, 3.1" & "You'll upgrade soon enough". These types of arguments rarely address the 'Nay-Sayers' actual point, concern, dislike, whatever. Frankly, that sort of . just irks me, mostly because it simply dismisses my (and others) perspective AND It doesn't hold true for me.


I have not been a 'Nay-Sayer' for any of these versions of Windows (or most other new versions of any software) but Vista is just too much for me. Mostly it comes down to the DRM...


I have no intention of 'downgrading' to vista anytime in the next 2 years & at that will probably only install it as a secondary OS for some of the DX10 games that I really want to play. More than anything, the DRM sickens me. I just can't support that at all. It is way overboard.


I readily support Fair Use, I am pissed that these greedy corporations are trying to strip that LEGAL right from me.


I back up every DVD & CD that I buy. I do this because I have lost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to dumbasses that steal (or break) my stuff. Many years ago, someone broke into my truck & stole my amp ($500) & headunit ($350) & destroyed my speakers because they didn't have enough time to take them. They also took 90 CDs (90 x $15 = $1350) that I, the dumbass, left in my truck becuase I was in a hurry to get to work.


I usually kept a 24 disc folder of CDs in my truck, no more. I happened to have 2 48 Disc folders in my truck because I had just been on a long trip with my GF & we wanted to a large choice of music. When we got back I forgot to take the CDs in with me, which I noticed on my way to work.


That night I lost 90 CDs that I couldn't get back. This experience prompted me to buy a CD burner & several stacks of CD-Rs and back up everything I still had, Roughly 120+ CDs & from that point on I have not carried original CDs in my truck. Since then when I buy a CD, it gets backed up. Now it is a little different because I have an Ipod, so I no longer keep CDs with me. However the principle is the same.


I also make backups of all the DVDs that I own and am grateful that I do. It is what I play if I want to watch a movie or If someone wants to borrow a movie, I let them borrow the back up. I have lost quite a few to friends genuinely (and not so genuinely) misplacing, scratching, damaging my DVD.


I am simply protecting my purchase.


Now, in preperation to setting up a home theater with a HTPC at the center, I am encoding everything so that I don't even have to mess around with pulling out the DVD, dropping it in the player, skipping the annoying trailers & adverts (or NOT, on the DUMBASS locked unskippable 5 min Trailers that I DON'T CARE ABOUT). All I have to do is click on the file...


Except MS, MPAA and whoever else is involved with pushing this D.R.M. C.R.A.P. Doesn't want me to be able to do any of that. They don't want me to protect the DVD that I paid for, so when my Roomate's drunk friends decide to watch one of my DVDs & drops on the floor then steps on it & BREAKS IT, I should have to buy another.


They don't want me to set up MY HTPC so that I don't have to even pull the discs out of their case in order to watch X-Men whenever I feel like it with a click of a button...


MS & Friends think that I should buy a New Monitor, New TV & New Graphics card just so I can watch a BR or HD DVD on my HTPC.


bull crap.



The article that Blooz posted confirms something that I have suspected would happen with Vista for a while now.


Blacklisting of Programs.


If MS decides that I shouldn't be using DVD Decrypter or DVD shrink (or whatever the HD equivilant is), they will just cripple or unistall them. Perhaps they won't go that far, maybe they will prevent the playback of HD content or downsample the image so that I don't want to even watch it...


I will be surprised it this doesn't happen.


It is already happening to some extent with various DRM already. For Example, SecureROM 7. They blacklist any drive emulation software like Alcohol 120% or DAEMON Tools. If you have any of the blacklisted software installed, you can't play the game..


How Freaking Retarded....


So I bought Titan Quest very shortly after it was released. I LOVE Diablo & Diablo 2, so when I heard about Titan Quest I was thrilled. I played the demo for hours before it was released... Anyhow, it was released on June 26th 06, and as much as I wanted to get it immediately, I didn't, knowing that June & July are extremely busy for me and I wouldn't have time to play.


August rolls around & I had some free time, so I ordered a copy online somewhere (Managed to get it for $35 on sale, :)) The day it is delivered, I install the game, thrilled to play my new favorite game. It installs just fine, so I click the Play Now button and a message pops up - "Please insert the Original disc".




It doesn't get more original that this, the DVD has been out of the shrink wrap for 30 min...


Well after being extremely pissed/frustrated/annoyed/etc. I do some searching around and discover that many others are having the same problem.


The problem is SecureROM blacklisting certian apps...


THQs stance is that it is not their problem, but rather, it is SecureROMs problem (STFU, it is too your problem, You produced this game & chose the DRM, You got my money, it is too your problem) and that I should contact SecureROM for a work around.


bull crap.


After reading some peoples (mis)adventures with SecureROM, I decided that rather then unistall the programs that I am using, that I have every right to use, I would find a work around. SecureROM has no right to tell me that I can't use some other program. They can get F**ked.


It is absolutely rediculous, I had to circumvent the SecureROM protection (like I pirated it) to play a game that I PAID FOR.


That is the way I see Vista going, blacklisting apps. We already know that they are blacklisting Hardware & Drivers.


I will still maintain that all this isn't going to save the MPAA any money, it is just going to inconvience us, the end users...


If someone wants to pirate something, they will find a way.


I am not suggesting that they shouldn't try to protect themselves, but I don't like the way they are going about it.


Ultimately it represents less freedom. (and I am not even going to get started on the topic of the US government, I definately don't have the time for that right now & besides, this isn't the place.)


Less Freedom PISSES ME OFF...



Screw all that BS.



Well, if you have managed to make it all the way through my rant, Thank you & I'm sorry.


I hope it all makes sense, as I didn't sleep much last night, & I just woke up from a nap & am still a bit sleepy. I usually proofread my posts, but I am not going to this time, I'll do it later & make corrections then if I need to :P




In short, I don't like the direction that MS went with Vista, & won't be installing it for a while, and even then, probably not as a primary OS.


I forgot to mention in all this that I have also be looking into Linux lately, and Vista is pushing me more in that direction.


My primary motivation is not to replace Vista. It is to run the SMP [email protected] client & as a possible file server for my Macs.

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Yeah, very nice I feel your pain. I mean MS actually downgrading the "premium content" quality makes me freakin sick, literally sick. I mean if I drop 3k on said monitor and then my OS actually downgrades the final image quality? Are you serious? Just because they can? What a load of crap. Like I always said, Wealth, success and prosperity negates creativity, originality and the will to create truly revolutionary designs. I just hope other great companies such as Google and others learn from MS's horrific example, and never settle for mediocrity, or under develop their product to make a few bucks and scratch the rich guys back while crapping on the little guy.

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i just want to tell everyone I'm done ranting about Vista like this now


I will have to install it AGAIN and learn it better than everyone else because no matter my thoughts, people will (already are) be switching over to it constantly and thats just the way it is.


Everyone knows now that I hate the OS, and why I hate it. You don't need me rubbing your nose in it anymore with my ranting. It isn't productive unless you consider . people off or preaching to the choir productive (and I don't)

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and never settle for mediocrity, or under develop their product to make a few bucks and scratch the rich guys back while crapping on the little guy.


whoah, you just described country music. Are we still talking about Vista?

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