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Some AGP advice needed


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I want to extend the life of my machine for a while longer before moving over to PCI, Core2Duo etc etc.


I currently have the following:

AMD64 3200+


Radeon X800PRO AGP


I have been looking at the following cards:


- This seems to be quite a good card at a decent price, even here in South Africa.

7800GS 256MB

- Someone recommended this card over the 7600GT, by unlocking some of the pipes wit hsomething like Rivatuner, but I have read that it is not really possible for the 7 Series cards.

Gainward Bliss 7800GS 512MB Golden Sample

-How does this card compare to the 256MB 7800GS?

-It is double the price of the 7600GT, but I do not *really* want to spend that much, unless the performance gain will be tremendous.


-I believe this a good card to get but also expensive... but cant find it in SA. Depending on recommendation etc. I might look at importing it, depending on price etc.


I do not really want to spend a fortune to extend my machine's lifespan and I have been fairly happy with the current configuration (easy to please you see *grin*) The current machine will become a Media Centre when I upgrade to my new machine later this year.


I would appreciate any feedback.

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Well, the 1950pro is easily the best card but if it's more than $20-30 more than the 7800GS it's not worth it really.


There is very little difference in performance between the 512 and 256 versions of the GS. I've owned a 7800GS agp myself and with my 3.9GHz P4 it could break 100k in AQ3.


P.S. I strongly suggest you fill out a signature containing the info about your rig that mine does. It can be plain text. It helps us help you.


I'd not bother moving to a 7600 it'll barely be better than what you've got. At least, not worth the money dropped on it.

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Check this out:



the 7600 won't give you much beyond SM3 support.


the 7800 will give you a bit of a boost and almost free AA and AF


I have the X1950PRO so I am obviously biased to this but it made a big difference coming from my 6800. I can use AA and AF in FEAR and run most other games at my monitors max res (1280x1024)

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Another X1950 Pro owner here.


Just some words of advice, you need quite a beefy PSU for this bad boy to work. Even mine seems to be struggling! But I could also have a faulty card.


It is a very nice card. I picked mine up in the uk for £146 which I was quite happy to pay.


I can play Counter Strike maxed out comfortably.


Also in order to keep this thing cool I need to run the stock cooler at 100% which means it is quite noisy. I think that there are some X1950's from Powercolour which have a better cooling solution than on the Sapphire which I have. I am definately gonna have to go all Zalman on mine :)


In all honesty though mate, If you can hang out till a little while later, I would save the money and then proceed with your plans to go Core 2, PCI-E etc.


Plus it means you get a bit more value out of your current system!

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