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Computer not booting. 3 LED lights. Long Beeps... Please Help

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Well - It all started with my computer not booting up easily to begin with. It was going to the LanParty Splash screen and then going to a black screen with a white cursor in the top left. I was told on this forum to reboot CMOS; I thought it helped.. but this black screen and no boot was happening again.


I was told to Unplug everything and replug it in. I do this.. And this is what happens.


I get a long beep -- and 3 LED lights lit up. Now -- Im aware that 3 LED lights mean that the motherboard is checking for RAM. My ram was never a problem. I don't understand why it would be posing a problem now. After just unplugging some things and replugging them in.


I really need to find out what is going on with my computer. This is really rough on me. Im trying everything and its frustrating to get no feedback.


Please help

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