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White_Hair's F/S & WTB Thread

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All Items are shipped from Vancouver, Canada. Only ship within North America. (No Alaska - sorry) All prices include shipping within Canada. For US buyer, extra shipping charges may apply. All sales are FINAL, but guarantee in working condition before I pull them out of my system. :D I will ship within two days once payment has received.


Shipping Method: Canadapost Regular / Expedited Parcel

Payment Method: Non-Credit-Card Verified Paypal Only


NOTE: I do not take any responsibility for loss or damage caused during transit or any brokages, duties or taxes. I always pack stuff in foam or air-bag protected box. I will always purchase insurance and signature confirmation at my own cost if the options are available


All items do not come with retail packaging unless specified!!


These items are also posted in the FS thread under username: White_Hair @ HardForum


WTB or Trade:


Corsair 2x2GB (4GB kit) Dominator PC8500 5-5-5-15 or Equivalent speed 4GB kit memory




For Sale:


Sony Sport MP3 Player 2GB Water Resistive (NW-S205F) - $50 CAD Shipped within Canada


PIC: Front of the player

PIC: Top of the player showing "little" cosmetic damage due to wearing"


Great tiny MP3 player if you do a lot of sport. I lost the headphone but the sport arm strap is new and never used. There is very little scratches due to wearing but the OLED screen is still beautiful. The player charges thru mp3 and is known for super fast charge. 5 to 10 min charge u can use up to 3 hours. I don't use it too often, so the battery is still great.


What you will get is:

1 x NW-S205F mp3 player

1 x new sport arm strap

1 x USB cable (if you want it, i will throw it in for free)




- GameXStream 600W PSU - Sold locally

- Nokia n800 - Sold locally

- C2D CPU - E6600 include unused stock heatsink Stepping: L632B248 - Sold to Table21 @ HardForum

- Tuniq Tower 120 CPU Heatsink - Including all accessories - Sold to Table21 @ HardForum

- Intel QX6700 - Sold locally on Revscene Forum







Thanks :)

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Hey Shawn:


If you are interested, please let me know. I think we can work it out a price in CAD, so you don't need to pay paypal the 2% currency conversion fee. I want to get this psu out becoz there is still 2 and 8 month of warranty left. Every second passing is the waste of the warranty.


Addition information about the psu, I purchased the psu in late August 2006 and didn't get a chance to use it becoz I was waiting for my Venus board and Tuniq Tower till October. Installed and found out there is a cold boot problem with my system. So I RMA'd the psu. It took OCZ 1 month, becoz they screwed my RMA request. So they sent me a brand-new psu by overnight shipping. I opened it up and pop it into the system and found it the cold boot was caused by my Creative Fata1ty Card not the psu. And I already bought a TT ToughPower. This psu was going to sell it to my friend. But he back out from the deal a month after. So basically, the psu has been sitting the box for two months (tested and works like a charm without any cold-boot on my bro's SLI-DR).


The psu is pretty much brand-new and used for couple hours for testing.


So, if you are interested, please send me a PM. :)


The price on NCIX.com is around $130 CAD before $20 rebate and taxes.

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