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For Sale: Brand New 2 X 512 OCZ Plats rev 2

Brother Esau

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Ok I have a brand new set of 2 X 512 ocz Platinum rev 2 that have been used for one week for testing purposes only and they O.C extermely well I had them up to 2700MHZ 200:1:1 and they are rock solid and I am sure that you could get more out of them.


This set was given to me by OCZ as a replacement set for the Plats rev 1 that I had bought for a build that I am selling but would not work unless used with a modded bios so they sent me this set as a replacement which I had in the build I was selling and tested them for a week but decided to use 2gb kit in the build that I am selling instead.


Anyone that is interested please pm me or respond to the thread I will assure you they are new and exactly what I say they are in terms of performance and overclockability!


I have not sold anything in this thread ever before but you can contact CPDMF and he will be more than happy to vouch for me as well as MetalSicko which I have sold things in the past to.


I paid $126.00 new for the set from NewEgg plus of course shipping and handleing 2 different times so I have about $140.00 into this set of ram!


I am asking for $100.00 for the set and you pay the shipping cost....But at least you know you are buying a winning set of Ram thats guarenteed to work and O.C very..very well and they are brand new.



EDIT: Will post some pics later something wrong with camera (batteries dying)


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