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Good Ole Days (XP2600M Update)

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Yup, after 2 years of solid overclock; (No lower than 240x10 - no higher than 250x10) , my lowly NFII Ultra Infinity has never even burped. It still runs great to this day. Nothing burnt out, and only upgraded my PSU b/c I thought it was a good idea. So, just to say, overlocking this system hasn't seemed to hurt it. As a matter of fact when I get the AM2 up and running, this machine will go in the front room and become a server. File server, Web Server, Email Server and Cacti Serve (Linux of course). I may stick more memory in it and back off the OC so it will handle the hot days.


Just thought I'd be one of the ones to say, hey - go ahead - overclock that stuff, just keep it cool and it will run and run and run! Hope I can say the same about my future system in 2 to 3 years...

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