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Another no boot problem

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Hello to everybody.

Glad I found this place.


I'm having big trouble 'cause I can't boot the PC. Please forgive me if I don't explain myself very well but english is not my first language and although I understand most of the technical things I'm no expert.


I'm coming from a PIV on ASUS mobo with 1GB RAM. Now I purchased this board second hand and I really had no idea that this board wasn't an easy turn-on and go. This doesn't worry me too much but the fact is that i'm a bit lost in what can be the causing problem. The specs of my machine are in the signature.


I've read at least 20 posts about no-boot problems and more but I'm not sure if my problem is the memory, the psu, the windows xp install or everything together.


I've read the recommended PSU guides but I'm afraid none of the mentioned PSU's are available where I live. The only PSU's I find here are Colorsit, Xilence, Xion, Thermaltake and Zalman.


About the memory I have RAM from SEITEC although I've tested another brand with the same results. I tried orange slots, yellow slots. I ran MemTest86+ and it gave me an error. (See attached picture).




I've been in the BIOS and put every thing related to memory in AUTO.


The problem is that every time I start the PC it gets to the Windows XP logo and shortly after it shows a blue screen for a glimpse not even allowing me time to read the error.


Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance


btw. BIOS Screen goes away so fast I can't really see the date of the BIOS. I'm reformatting the HD and reinstalling XP to see if this helps.

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I ran MemTest86+ and it gave me an error. (See attached picture).


That's your prob right there, as long as your getting errors you'll keep getting BSOD's.


You could try to DL A64info here and input the settings into the bios instead of using auto.


These MB's can be picky about ram, so yours may not work, you could always try to buy some in the for sale/trade sec here.

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Thanks for the help!


I've got it working after the HD format and re-install of Windows XP. I tried the A64Info (Beta version) and by running the program my PC rebooted! :eek: Luckily nothing bad happened.


Now i'm happily investigating the OC possibilities of this wonderfull board.


I'll be changing the memory anyway. These were just the only ones I had at hand but I'll definately have a look in the For Sale and Trade forum. Hope I find somebody willing to send the sticks overseas. If not I'll check ebay :O

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