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Lapping my Core 2 Duo with pictures

Smoken Joe

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The new Conroe integrated heat shield is not very flat I was getting very bad temps even on water. Here are some Pics


What I did make sure you place the sandpaper on glass or some other flat surfaceand rub the cpu on the paper. Doing it the other way around can make it less flat than it is originally. The surface is smooth enough as it is polishing past 600 grit is only for show.




I started with 220 Grit sandpaper for about 5 min with lots of breaks.


320 Grit again for about 5 min.


400 for about 3 min


800 for about 2 min


Mothers Metal polish for about 1 min.


Clean up 5 min with 91% alcohol or better with Q tips. Do it right the first time or you could be in for a big disappointment.




12C off my reported temps both under load and at Idle before letting the TIM.



Original note margin:


220 grit note edges



320 Grit



400 Grit



After Mothers


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The old P4's were flat or close enough that it did not make much of a diffrence. It was pretty obvious looking at the TIM after removing the sink you can also gently rub it agenst some fine sandpaper it will make just enough of a mark to see the pressure points if there are any.



I spent way more time than I need to I just dont like doing it twice.

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I see all the IHS's that are lapped seem to be slightly concaved stock. Is this just poor design, or is it to compensate for heat expansion in the center of the IHS, directly above the core?


Surely the center of the IHS but get hotter than the outside of it.


Although with that kind of temp drop, it's obviously a poorly designed expansion tolerance, or just bad manufacturing. :)

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