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C-Media Audio driver problems Realtek AC650 chipset (I hate windows up

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Ever since I downloaded the C-media drivers from MS update ive had issues with my sound!


My internal speak now beeps whenever I manuelly increase the volume using the audio control panel, instead of the Ding windows typically makes.


Today I updated those drivers again using MS update (i know better! grrr) hoping they might solve the problems ive been having for the past year.


Now however I have no sound at all?

The system will not roll-back the driver and will not boot with any changes.

I rebooted to my last previous working setting and unistalled the drivers. Again the system would not boot.

I went back to last previous working setting again, downloaded and installed the drivers directly from Realtek. Same result...

As a last result I uninstalled my nForce2 drivers...the system booted but no sound.

I then tried to then install the Realtek drivers and again no reboot.

Each I use the last previous setting to boot, I recieve the following error: "Error Loading cmicnfg.cpl" I know this is related to the audio but I dont know how to fix it.


I am at a lose as to how to proceed. Please help

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well i have my sound back now. But on boot i get a ddl error for the c-media audio drivers even though they are uninstalled.


And it still shows under add/remove programs eventhough ive tried taking them out countless times.


Sorry for the NF2 stuff being in the NF2 forum...admin moved it here for some reason.

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