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Opty 165 CCBBE 0615 EPMW


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To answer your question right off the bat, I have an Opty 185 on the way as my birthday present in a couple days. I got this 12/10/06 from NewEgg, and it has never seen more than 1.42V. I admit I am not the king OC'er or anything, but it will easily get into the low 2900s because I was hardheaded and kept my RAM at 166 divider. I personally could not get it to boot at +3GHz, but again, probably because of my memory. This was a boxed processor, and will include the 4-pipe stock heatsink, warranty card, and original box. YMMV, but this chip will easily undervolt to [email protected], and run 24/7 stable 2700+MHz at 1.30V. Pics will be up tomorrow, I'm still running it right now. I think $135 shipped, insured, is a fair price. Ebay name: mustang_pimp, 125:1:0. Thanks for looking! [email protected]

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