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Trouble booting computer, starts up and goes to black screen with whit

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Hello everyone. Glad to see the forums are back up and running! Just in time to answer one of my problems =(


The other day my computer started acting weird after my friend 'bumped' into it. (I don't know if this is the exact cause, but I'm assuming that it is so. I was not present however when he bumped into it, so I don't know how hard or how likely it is that it caused the problem).


The problem is, when I try to boot my computer, My motherboard splash screen comes up, (DFI LanParty), then a Black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left comes up, and just stays like that. This constantly happens every time I restart my computer. However, once in every 5-10 restarts, I will get to the POST, then it will go back to the black screen; and then the same amount of restarts will sometimes get me to successfully boot the computer, and have no problems thereafter.


I really want to know what this Black Screen with a cursor usually means, and what could be causing it. I really don't want to restart my computer over and over and over hoping to get it started each time. This should not happen...


Please someone help me out.


P.S. - I already tried to Clear and Reset the CMOS. Initially, I thought that fixed it, but I learned when I restarted my computer just a little while ago that apparently it did not help. It is doing the same thing.


Another problem when researching I found was that a dead/dying CMOS battery could be causing this? I'm not sure about this. Does this sound like a possibility? What is so weird about this is the inconsistency. It works sometimes, but mostly doesn't. :mad:

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I had the same problem. I think it was driver conflict or corrupted driver. Here is what I did to fix problem:


(1) Check for spyware & viruses using Spybot, Ad-Aware, A-Squared Free and AntiVir.


(2) Download freeware registry cleaners "CCleaner" and "Easy Cleaner".


(3) Download latest video driver for your card, but don't install yet.


(3) Defrag hard drive using Disk Keeper.


(4) Delete all video drivers in add/remove programs (in Control Panel).


(5) Reboot into safe mode, and delete all video cards in device manager. Run CCleaner and Easy Cleaner to clear out registry.


(6) Reboot into normal mode and wait for Windows to detect "new Hardware", and then you can install a clean version of video driver.


Your problem should be fixed, mine was. If not, you may have a conflict with sound driver or monitor driver, so do the same things for them.


Or you may have a corrupted Windows situation. Which means you have to reformat and reinstall Windows (this is a major pain in the @ss, I know, so don't do it if you don't have to.)


If problem persists, then could be bad PCI-ex slot on mobo, or could be bad video card. Next step is to RMA each one at a time to find out, if you have warranty time available.


If not, then buy new mobo, as it is cheaper than new video card.

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Sharp's rebuild theory sounds good, but since you believe it may have been a bump that caused the problem, I would definitely reseat all of the component to assure they are completely in place.


Jarring a computer could cause an already loose component to disconnect. We all know that heating and cooling can start the process.

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