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Will there be a 680i Lanparty soon?

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Anyone know anything?


I plan to build a new rig soon, but can wait a couple of months if DFI will release something as good as my current nF4 SLI-DR :cool:

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I always freak out a bit when DFi releases a new board:) PLEASE say Tuesday wasn't a bad joke.


Would be nice to see it. Looks like tehre are some nice 680i-boards out there now (P6n Diamond, the new Gigabyte one etc.) Would be nice to have a decent DFi board as well.

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ok good news i had the same queston a while back and check this out copy and pasted strait from my gmail

Greta Kuo to me

show details Jan 1


Dear Sirs,




Yes, it should be available by Chinese New Year!




Best regards,




Greta Kuo


Sales Manager


TEL: 886-2-26942986 ext. 659


FAX: 886-2-26943221


email: [email protected]


MSN: [email protected]


Web: www.dfi.com




Coolife for Gamers 酷樂酷時代





From: [email protected]]

Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 4:09 PM

To: Sales

Subject: queston about future products




are you planning a mainboard biased on the nvidia 680i core logic? I like it's features like the dual gigabit with bandwidth shaping just to name the one I was interested in the most that wasn't offered in the Intel core logic 975x if you are then I would need to put off buying my new main board




Justin williams

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Yeah, I have done a little more searching and found various bits and pieces about this board, there are even piccies floating around.


Looks like it is going to be a great board in the finest DFI tradition.


But after AMD has started posting teasers about K8L performance, I think I will stick to my original plan and wait until I can compare and choose between Core 2 Duo/quad and K8L systems :cool:

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