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Help me troubleshoot my random freezes/reboots

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In that case reomve the board from the casing and strip it down to CPU&Cooler, 1 Memory module in slot 2, 1 Videocard in PCIE1, the power supply connected at all 3 points on the MB, Keyboard/Mouse, 1 HD, 1 CD/DVD device configured as Secondary Master. All other devices should be removed from the system. From here boot to BIOS, load the "Optimized Defaults", and set the "First Boot Device" to "CD-ROM". After this access Genie BIOS Setting>DRAM Configuration and input the following settings:


-DRAM Frequency: 200mhz (01:01)

-Command per Clock: Disabled

-CAS Latency Control: 3.0

-DRAM Drive Strength: Level 5

-DRAM Data Drive Strength: Level 3


Save and exit. Do not make other changes to BIOS settings. Proceed from here to do a fresh install of Win XP 32 bit, ensuring that the HD is fully formatted with NTFS. Also nothing should be slipstreamed onto the OS install CD, with the possible exception of SP2. Once at desktop install Direct x 9.x and your videocard drivers. Also install Microsoft's .net framework as it is on the MB support CD. After this install the chipset and LAN drivers as they are on the MB support CD as well. Lastly install a benchmark utility like 3D Mark and note if it will run smoothly under these conditions.

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Glad to see "diy-street" back up!


My problem(s):


Sometimes, randomly my computer will freeze, as in I still have picture on my monitor but nothing responds, sounds hault and I have to hard reset. This is my most common problem!



Sometimes it will randomly just reboot on it's own.


AND sometimes I experience a strange "skipping" coming from the speakers and during this "skipping" everything else lags for about 1.4 seconds and it's over. This doesn't happen very often but when it does it's annoying.. like in a game or something.

check your cpu voltage my default voltage was to high i had exactly the same issue as you

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