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RDX-200 + AMD 64 3700+ SanDi

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I am getting ready to begin working on overclocking my CPU. It runs 2200MHz stock right now, and I'd like to take it a step up to 2400MHZ.


With a 200 MHz jump, is that going to affect the voltage I need, or should I leave that alone?


I have already went through and removed the stock thermal paste and replaced it with some of the Antec stuff. This helped get my chipset temps from 55c down to about 45. I also reworked my airflow (had some fans in the back the wrong way drawing hot PSU exhaust back intot he case over the CPU and Graphics card :eek: .


My main question is this:


I've done the math, and I want to make sure it's all correct and I am not forgetting anything. I am going to set my FSB to 220x11, upping my CPU to 2420. This will put my ram @ 220. Should I set the divider for this, or leave it @ 220? I have Corsair ValueSelect. Or would it be safer to set my Multiplyer to 12, making my CPU clock at 2400 on the dot?


If I do tone down the Memory divider to the next lowest setting, @ 220 my Mem will only be at 188.5 MHz. So then to get it as close to 200 as possible, I could adjust my clock to 236x11. That would set my memory to 199.6, but my CPU would be running at 2596. I am assuming that would be a bit too hot for my machine with stock fan/heatsink on the CPU am I right?


Thanks for the input.


I would appreciate any advice on the settings I should use. I am probably not the only out there with an RDX-200 and a 3700+ SanDi with Corsair VS, or am I wrong?

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My advice would be to place a 180mhz divider on your RAM, up the FSB 5mhz. Boot into Windows, run SuperPi and then OCCT Test. If the test passes, up the FSB 5mhz, and run SuperPi and OCCT Test again. Repeat until you either reach 2.4ghz or the Test fails. If the test fails, put an extra 0.25V through the CPU and try again :)


Put a divider on your RAM - my value stuff wouldn't go higher than 216mhz stable :(


188.5mhz would be fine, but you could then push for your 236mhz. I wouldn't worry though - you'll see a higher increase in performance by putting up your CPU speed than you will by lowering your RAM speed

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Okay, quick update.


I was able to clock up to 215x11 @ 2363MHz


I set my divider to 9:10.


When I stepped it to 220, it would not clear the cmos backup, so i went back and upped my voltages to my Cpu from 1.36 to 1.5. After that it cleared the backup and boot from CD, and began loading windows. Then I got a reset, and back to startup. I reset everything back to 215 normal volts, and I am loaded up right now.


Since i am only @ 215, i think I may move the memory divider bak to 1:1.


I ran Prime95 Stress for about 1 hour, no errors, and I am idle @ 35c on my cpu and 46x on my Chipset.


i know I can push this to about 2.5, maybe 2.6 and be fine on temps, if I can just get it to be sable past 215. my goal for right now is 230.


Should I try putting more volts through my memory and loosen my timings? They are at 2.5 3 3 8 right now with 2.59v reporting from smartguardian, clocking @ 196.9MHz via CPU-Z.


If that is the case, how much voltage do I increase by, and how should i adjust the settings?

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