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Popped out A64 3000 dropped in OPTY 165


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Opty 165 CCBBE 0617 arrived yesterday (from komplett u.k.)so I followed Wevils guide to swap out CPU's WITHOUT reinstalling XP PRO (thought police alert: thou shalt not do this without reinstalling windows..........BS).


1.Clear CMOS and reset BIOS to default (with A64 in)

2.Boot up and remove processor DRIVER from device manager.

3.Let PC shutdown, but not reboot and switch power off.

4.Remove A64 and install Opty. (I used Zaman 9500LED cooler+AS5)

5.Boot to bios and 'load optimised defaults'. Set memtest enabled.

6.Reboot to memtest. Run full suite of tests 3 times.

7.Reboot to windows (disabling memtest in BIOS first)

8.Run dual SuperPI 32M on both cores.

9.Installed dual core optimizer, than Ran Dual superPI again. - all o.k.

9.Ran Toca Driver 3, HL2 and Doom3 for an hour each


Idle 29C load 39C (Ambient 23C).


I am not going to O/C heavilty until I get my mushkin redline. The Corsairs are only good to go to 2600 on a 150 divider (3-3-3-7) as the Opty doesn't like lower dividers and the RAM is crap. Hope to see [email protected] my stepping looks good so time will tell.


After all this is done I will Prime and back off MHz as required, to get 8+hrs.



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