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Sandisk USB Flash drive problem

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Hello everyone!


Not sure it's a DFI mobo related problem but i'm looking for your advice.


Here's a quick overview :


I have a Sandisk USB Flash drive M2 Cruzer (1 gig). The drive is working perfectly from any USB ports from the back of the motherboard (NF4 Ultra-D), but when I plug it in one of my two front-panel USB ports (Chenming 601AE), I'm getting an error message stating that a USB Device was not recognized (No driver was installed...).


Now I haven't tried yet to uninstall/reinstall USB drivers, NVidia drivers, BIOS, etc. I'm just looking for your input first.


- I've plugged the USB cable from the computer tower to the motherboard's USB connector J33 (USB 9-10);


- Both JP5 and JP6 are set on 5VSB;


- Device Manager is showing 2 USB Root Hub (Microsoft 5.1.2600.2180), 1 Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller (Microsoft 5.1.2600.0), 1 Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller (Microsoft 5.1.2600.2180), 2 USB Composite Devices (Razer Copperhead Mouse and Logitech MX 700 Duo) and finally 1 Unknow Device (which is the Cruzer drive, when connected to the front-pannel USB computer tower port);


- USB current BIOS settings are those :

Integrated Periphicals

OnChip USB : V1.1+V2.0

USB Memory Type : SHADOW

USB Keyboard Support : Disabled

USB Mouse : Disabled

USB Park Mode : Disabled

USB TD Reads : ISO Queue

USB Periodic Data Reads : non-ISO Queue;


- I'm using Nvidia nForce 6.70 drivers, if it matters.



Like I said, this might not even be a NF4 related problem, but more a compatibility problem with the Sandisk drive, but I was just wondering why the flash drive is working on the motherboard USB connectors and not from the computer case's USB connectors.


LMK if you need further details and thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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First things first, Plug something else into the front port (like your mouse).


If that works then :confused:


Okay that was probably a waste of time...If the back works, and the front doesn't then the drivers won't be the problem. It's hardware related.


I only see two possibilities:


1. It's wired wrong.


2. The front ports are duds.


Good luck,



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I knew I forgot to write something!


Yes, I did try the two USB front-panel ports and they are working. I've plugged my Logitech Wingman Formula GP and it was detected and functionnal in both ports.


That's why I'm also lost a bit. Maybe it's my wiring like you said. I'll double check it to see if my mistake is not there. I'm also gonna try connecting to the J18 (USB 7-8) to see if it's changing something.


Thanks for your input MalibuSS. Anyone else have an idea? ;)

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Are the FP USB ports USB 1.1 or 2.0?


Well, I couldn't find the information on Chenming Website, but according to my Google researchs, most reviews sites are saying it's 2.0 USB Ports.


Oh well, it's not a big deal. I'll will have to reformat my rig sooner or later, so i'll startup with a fresh install, with the most recent drivers and BIOS, this might help. For now, I'll just wiggle my way to the back of the computer tower to make my flash drive work.


Thanks again!

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