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Opteron 175 Maximum CORE Temps, DFI Ultra-D Maximum Temps

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Hey guys, cool site.


Im curious about the maximum temperature i can allow my computer components to get up to.


I have a seriously overclocked machine, with an opteron hand picked by those at amd (it seems)


Right now it's running at 3.155 GHZ on air cooling, and it's stable. (SP2004 Tests) And im still increasing the clock.


I'm curious what the maximum temps i should allow for the mainboard, this CPU at this speed eats up some power, and it seems to get the power area of the board quite toasty. I saw 80"*C In the Power area with the onboard temperature sensor. Still no stability issues, but quite hot. Idle temps are around 42-45 in the PWM and 37-38 in the CPU. THe CPU also gets warm as well, The "Core temp beta" Says that under full load temps reach 68-69*C at the core, and about 54-58*C with the onboard monitoring.


I've got several fans in this thing, one pointe directly at the Power heatsinks, three 120MM fans and the 2 80 mm fans in the 500w power supply


thanks fer your help!





P.S. I think i will hit 3.2 GHZ with air cooling. This processor is amazing.

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Or I suppose I could just look at your sig for the CPU voltage. According to core temp your a little hot. What are you using for a cooler? Your full load PWM IC is way too hot. (They can handle a lot of heat but your on the rail).


What is your chipset/memory voltage?


Remember that the PWM IC is what controls voltage regulation on the board. So if all of your components are pulling alot of power it will get hotter (as you've found out.)



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Chipset voltage is 1.5V

Dram voltage is 2.8V

Chipset has AS5 on it

CPU voltage is set at 1.525V

LDT is at 1.2V


I cut a hole in my case just above the CPU, This seems to have helped


i'm using http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835106061 This cooler


I cant believe how far this thing has overclocked!!! ON AIR! i bet i could get 3.2 with water :) I had to knock the FSB down a little, now it's at 282MHZ 3105 MHZ DUAL CORE!!!!! i got an error at 3.155 GHZ after an hour or so of testing, backed it off some


this is running 2 X SP2004


i should probably post some screenies of this thing, i bet this OC is unbelievable.


15 Minutes in and i'm at 64*C PWM and 70*C for both CORES (Core temp beta) 56*C @ CPU Measured by Mobo, no errors yet

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