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Cant hit delete

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So im new here, and new to overclocking and today i got my rig running overclocked and well all on my own. However, i needed to reset the bios and now when it comes time to hit either F1 or Delete, the computer must not be reading the keyboard becuase nothing happens when i hit either key. its in the PS/2 slot with the little purple adapter, and the keyboard is getting power because i can see the lights go on and off when i hit the f-lock button. i know this isnt really about the board itself, or it maybe it is, i am at a loss right now. ive reset bios and got back before, even earlier today i did, but im stumped now... computer doesnt like me. Any suggestions??



DFI Lanparty UT SLI-DR Expert

Phoenix-Award BIOS (11/18/2005) v6.00PG

Athlon64 3200+ Socket 939

2x1GB OCZ Platinum PC3200

Audigy 2 ZS

Windows XP Pro SP2

2x EVGA GeForce 7900 GT - SLI'd

(not sure about the rest becasue i cant get back into my computer and check)

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First put all your spec in a sig or you will end up getting a ban, its in the Rules you Agreed to when signed up....


2nd if you are getting freezing i sometimes seen this when a system is unstable ie you cant use the keyboard and its tested to be working.....


Get a known good keyboard first....then you can go from there....


1st did you follow the Build Guide?


2nd do you have one stick of ram in the orange slot furthest from the cpu?


3rd tell me you only have one GFX in, if you have both in then remove one for now,,,,,,why because your psu is not up to the job of running sli and could be the source of any freezing IF that is what is happening....


HAve a look at the DFi User Recommended PSU List, i dont see your particular model listed but i see similar and they are under the NOT recommended for high-end setups (ie: dual core cpu + SLI/Crossfire), but still recommended for most low-end/mid-level setups: section.....



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