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System is a Brick, Different LED Problems everytime i try to reboot...

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hi guys, haven't been around for a while because i've been having a great time w/ my system...till now.....


i was just surfing the internet today, and i left to check on something, came back to a frozen pc. no big deal, hard restarted...and then ::poof:: my monitor doesn't turn on, and i get one long beep.


i tear apart my system down to vga, power, and usb keyboard cables, and open up the box and try restarting again. again, no monitor activity, long beep, and i notice 1 red led.


so i didn't know where to start so this is what i did:

- i took out the video card, cleared away most of the dust, and put it back in the system. turned on my pc, and it began to boot so i hit delete to try and go into the bios to check some temps...then it froze while in the bios.

tried to restart again...i get 1 'normal' beep, 1 red led, and as soon as i hit the bios it freezes.


- if i try to restart the pc right away, and don't let it 'cool down' i get 1 LONG beep, and 1 red led.


- AND if i try to restart the pc right away after that!!! i get 3 red leds with the 4th blinking for about 15 seconds, then 1 LONG beep, then only 1 red led and still no power to the monitor.


- if i leave it sit for a while, to cool down...it would start over again w/ the 'normal' beep, 1 red led, and as soon as i hit the bios it'll freeze.


i'm assuming also, that after all these restarts...i found a new screen other than the splash screen that tells me that the system is in 'safe mode.'



so from what i've done, i'm assuming it's either the PSU dying, the RAM dying, or the mobo? but i don't know. lol. :sad: <---not really laughing though.


does anyone have any tips or pointers for me?

i don't have any spare pci-e video cards, or PSU's this high, or RAM, and def not a mobo.

but if i HAVE to buy a new something, i'd understand, but i'd like to see if anyone knows any 'trouble shooting' options for me to see what exactly i need...


as always, thanx in advance, i REALLY do appreciate it!

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ok, welp, since newegg has that ocz 700w...and a rebate right now...

that sounds good.


i guess it's something i should have considered at the time i upgraded to my X2 chip, another h/d, another DVD drive, doubled my RAM, and added other pci devices... :P

i just hope i didn't screw up the mobo too while i was at it?


once i get it back on, i'll try the cmos clear, and i guess i'll also have to redo my ram timings?

but hopefully i'll remember how to do the RAM timings, cuz that was a while ago i had to do that...and i guess i can say i'm fuzzy on that subject.


i'll keep ya posted whether or not the PSU was the problem, thanx for now...

newegg is really quick w/ shipping in my area, so it won't take long! :O

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I have exactly the same problem but with Enermax Noisetaker 485w PSU


Need a little more info than that to help you, and you should start your own thread, not post in someone else's ;)



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