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Stuck at 3 LED's, again

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So, after some troublefree months I got the good old 3 LED again. Whatever I do the system won't POST, I can't get into BIOS or anything. Really tried everything and I'm running out of ideas. I've alread tried a proper 24 hour clear smos. Tried another set of RAM sticks, taken everything out of the chassi to check for any shorts. Re-seated the CPU a couple of minutes ago, and still the same thing. This has happend to me quite a few times, but since I got the newest BIOS it seemed to occur less freequently, I thought it had to do something with the cold-boot issue. This is really starting to tick me off since I need to have a working computer tomorrow, or else no LAN party for me ^^. Any help or thoughts very appriciated.


*EDIT; Forgot to mention that my systems always seemed to be unstable at stock settings, always had to bump up the speed to atleast 217*10. So whenever I reset my cmos I had to bump up the speed a little to get past the windows loading screen. Never figured out why, but it worked for me.


EDIT2: Things have got somewhat better I think, but now I just get a blank screen. All the leds turn off (exept the last one) but then nothing. No post no image, nothing.

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