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FS: 3000+ Venice Socket 939 (UK)


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I'm buying a X2 3800+ at the end of the week, so I need to sell my 3000+ Venice.


It's used, but it was bought retail (I can find out exact date if you want) and I've got the original packaging along with the AMD heatsink and fan, which has also been used so I'll chuck in some generic TIM to use with that.




Stock Speed: 1.8ghz (1800mhz)

Multiplier: 9x

Stock VCore: 1.4V

Stepping: LBBLE 0517APNW

: DH-E3

L2 Cache: 512kb


The chip has been overclocked, however, I've been careful. I've been using an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 with AS5 and the highest voltage I've used is 1.55V.


Everyday I run the chip at 271mhz x 9 with 1.475V (thats just over 2.4ghz) and for benchies I've run the chip at 293mhz x 9 with 1.55V (thats about 2.63ghz), however I'm sure it can go higher as I've only spent a couple of hours max overclocking with this board and my previous limitation was my AX8.


Shipping: UK Preferred


Selling for £50 currently new retail, so I'm looking for about £35 :) Offers considered, post here or PM me.


Trades: I would trade this and my 6600GT for a graphics card which is better than my 6600GT

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