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Did I kill my x800 video card with an overclock?


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    • VPU has overheated and has been damaged permanently
    • Case temperature is too hot - with a Thermaltake Shark!
    • Overvolts to CPU and memory somehow damaged the VPU
    • VPU needs resealing to the heatsink

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Hi guys, hope you can please kindly help me.


I finally got around to overclocking my CPU and Ram. I managed a stable 230FSB x 11 = 2530 GHz @ 1.65v and memory at 1:1 divider, 2-3-2-5 @ 3.2v, about 19 hours stable on prime95 until some round error 0.4... :( OCCT and SuperPi and Memtest all passed. No VPU overclock whatsoever.


When I tried to run ANY 3dmark benchmarks, the screen after a few seconds would go black, as if the vid card shut down. I'd have to do a hard reset. Then I went back to STOCK settings, and the same thing happens with any 3dmark or anything graphic intensive like games. Games did not crash prior to overclocking. I've noticed some black pixels around the icons on my desktop now. And also the screen will streak like crazy in the 3dMarks before crashing. Video card has a "silentpipe" heatsink. I've carefully touched it and it's still cool after a crash.


Temperatures seem good:

CPU: 30C - 43C

PWMIC - 40 - 48C

Chipset - 42 - 48C (this was up to 58C before I dusted the NB fan!! This kinda scares me, the end of the video card sits right over the NF4 chipset, could that heat have damaged the vid card?)


GPU ATITOOLS is now 57C at idle, 42C on startup.

It is saying ENV is 52C.


Here's everything I've done tried to solve the problem:

1) Update BIOS to latest official DFI ones 406. I had 704BTA before

2) Update video card BIOS to F3

3) Switch PCIeX slots (made it worse)

4) Installed a clean windows, with latest ATI drivers, also tried omega drivers

5) Dusted the whole computer insides

6) Underclocking Video card GPU and memory

7) I don't have another PC to try the card on :(


8) Tried blowing a fan on full blast inside the case. NOW, this actually fixed it last night.


I could complete a full 3dmark for the first time. I then tried overclocking the video card 20Mhz, and it completed a benchmark fine! I was trying to see if it was the video card which had the problem, or just heat causing the problem.


Then tried OC'ing the CPU + mem, with stock video card speed, and it passed 3dmark. Then I tried OC'ing CPU + mem + vid card, and it crapped out.


So I went back to stock everything again with the fan blowing into the case, and now it's crashing again. Even if I let the computer cool down for hours and then blow a fan into it, still no good.


In hindsight, perhaps it was stupid to trying OC'ing the video card after it started to work. Is my Video card's days over?? I've only had it for about 1.5 years. Don't know if 3dmarks failed before as I've not tried it until OC'ing now! What else could I try?


Any help would be appreciated , thank you! Sorry about the long post!

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You need to complete your signature...


I guess that you've played games heavily on it before? Have you overclocked everything before? What is your power supply?


hi there, signature is now complete. system was at the top of the thread, sorry, long post. Yes, played games heavily on it before, including neverwinter nights 2, no probs.


I've tried overclocking before just the CPU and mem, and had no luck, so I just went back to stock until recently when I tried a different bios and had much better luck. But one thing I never did was overclock the vid card.


Power supply is an Antec TrueBlue 2.0 480w PSU

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if a fan fixed the problem, its obviously not permanently damaged, but overheating. best suggestion i can give you is to find a way to but a 80mm or so fan on it, or buy an after market heat sink. about the psu, im not sure about the present state of caps in antecs, but in the not so distant past people had floods of bad capacitors in them. that may also be something to check as well. a google of "bad caps" will give you everything you need to know about that.


EDIT, X800's are pretty hot cards, i cant imagine the temps on a passive card, much less over clocking. generally you will artifact real bad (unless the core cant handle heatclocks) rather than reboot. besides those it may also be something as simple as a bios setting like memory timings. also, just because its memtest stable does not mean its window$ stable. im not sure if i can be of much more help but i will try.


to sum it up, possible problems i can think of are:




Bios settings

Combination of two or more of the above.

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Hi Charlie, thanks very much for your help :)


Blowing a fan into the case full blast isn't helping anymore :( I don't know why it worked so well last night. It's really confusing me, and it passed 3dmark when overclocked too!


I've tried multiple drivers, including all the ones I knew worked before, and no luck. I don't think it's a heat issue anymore, temps are around 35C with the fan blowing hard in it.


I guess that narrows it down to the BIOS settings and the PSU... or maybe the vid card itself?


Which BIOS settings could affect the video card? (I have since set it all back to "Optimised Defaults"). PCI Xpress frequency is set to default 100Mhz... Only other setting is payload, and I've left that default.. and tried 256.. BIOS is the only thing I can really control and try to fix the problem. Everything else probably involves buying something new or getting it fixed by manufacturer. :(

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hi guys , just to give you all an update: it was the video card that was to fault. i tried it on another computer and the same problem occurred. In future, I won't be buying a fanless video card... i've since upgraded to an HIS ICEQ3 turbo X1950XT. No complaints so far, fan may be a little loud for some, but i'd rather the noise for piece of mind. It sure overclocks well ;)

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