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Can't figure out this STOP error, please help

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Hi there,

I've been having this problem for months and have tried a lot of different things to fix it.

Basically whenever I run Adobe Audition 2.0, it eventually crashes the computer giving a STOP error.

The crash can happen in 5 minutes or an hour, and there doesn't appear to be anything that causes the crash other than the program being open (it has crashed during playback, recording, edit view, multitrack view, all of them)

The error is:


STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xBF8E270C, 0xAE6B5868, 0x00000000)

win32k.sys - Address BF8E270C base at BF800000, DateStamp 43446a58


The Adobe website says a 0x0000008E STOP error occurs with an outdated version of Realtek drivers. That error occurs, according to them, if the Realtek sound card is being used as the primary sound card. I don't use it at all, I use my actual card for that. Nevertheless I've updated to the latest, 3.96, and it still occurs.

I've been through all the Adobe support FAQs, I have Audition set up exactly as they suggest. Temp folders are on D: and G:, separate hard drives from eachother and from C:. Wav cache at 128. IDE optimized. All of that.


I've tried Audition 1.5 as well as Cool Edit Pro 2.1, they work fine, it's only Audition 2.0 that does it.

I thought it was the ASIO drivers, but it happens whether I'm using the Audition Windows ASIO drivers or the Creative ones.


I've reformatted the computer completely a few times, installing only drivers and Audition, but no luck. I can only think maybe it could be a BIOS setting or something, I really don't know at all. I know my way around the BIOS well enough but I'm no expert.


Anyway I hope someone can think of something because while I can use Audition 1.5, 2.0 has so many advantages over 1.5 in my opinion.

Thanks so much for any help anyone can give me, I'm happy to provide any more information.

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The Adobe website says a 0x0000008E STOP error occurs with an outdated version of Realtek drivers.


Seeings your not using the onboard audio, have you tried uninstalling the Realtek drivers and disabling the audio in the BIOS? By what you've said to date this would eliminate the drivers from the equation.

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What wattage PSU?


All 3 power connectors plugged into the board and have you tested the PC with memtest for at least 3 hours?

Thanks for the reply :)

Sorry I'll add the wattage to my signature, it's 600W. I've run memtest for hours, I let it do 4 passes and no errors.

I will double check the 3 power connectors now.

And wardog, thanks for your reply also, I found the disable realtek option in BIOS last night and disabled it but I haven't run Audition yet, so I will do that once I've checked the 3 power connectors and I'll post with the results. I've just uninstalled the realtek drivers as well.

Thanks both of you :)

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Good to see the site is back online :)

Yes all the power connectors are connected, and the audio is disabled in BIOS as well as the drivers being uninstalled. It still crashes. Thanks for the ideas anyway.

Do you have any more suggestions?

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I don't know if this is your ram but if it is you might want to read thru this http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72838

Thanks, I saw that thread. I've run Memtest for 4 passes and haven't found any problems, and I don't have problems with anything else on the computer. I can play graphics-intensive games like F.E.A.R or Quake 4 at full quality settings with no crashes, I can have APS CS2 open and using 1GB RAM while other programs use hundreds of other MBs of RAM, and I can run any other recording program (Cubase, Audacity, Sonar, Cool Edit Pro, Audition 1.5, I've tried more too) and none give that error. If it's a RAM error I don't know how I can find out. I guess I could borrow a friend's RAM to check, do you think that would be worth doing?

I don't know what else to try.

Because it only happens with this one program I thought it might be a program error, Audition is known to be very buggy after all, but it's making Windows give this driver conflict error. Could a program make Windows give that error even if there was no driver or hardware or whatever conflict? (I don't know)

I know it would be much easier to just use another program but I really like the GUI of Audition so much more than other recording programs.

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