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Switching to XP64 - Any Suggestions?

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Hey all,


Recently acquired a free (licensed!) copy of Windows XP Pro 64-Bit from a friend, and decided I'd scrape together some spare parts and create a little 64-bit rig for some fun testing and gaming. I'm somewhat keen to see how HL2:LC runs in 64-bit mode.


I've been compiling a list of drivers I will need for this system over the last couple weeks, so I have them all available on when I install.


The system is comprised of the following:

Antec SLK3000B

OCZ Modstream 520

DFI SLI-DR Expert (704-2BTA)

Opteron 165

1GB OCZ Platinum 3200EL R2

2x 36GB Raptor

2x XFX 7800GTX SLI

NEC 3550 DVD

Mitsumi FA404 7-in-1 Floppy

Logitech G15 Keyboard & G5 Mouse

X-Fi Platinum

Dell 2005FPW



This is a list of the drivers that I have so far assembled:


- Xtreme-G 93.71 x64

- nVidia nF4 6.86 x64

- Sil3114 x64 RAID Driver (DFI)

- Logitech Keyboard x64 1.03.193

- Logitech Setpoint x64 3.10

- Creative x64 Driver 2.09.0007


Does anyone have any other reccomendations? This is a bit of a mystery for me up to this point, but I'd like to be prepared. Bear in mind that aside from Prime95, Everest, etc, this system will have almost zero other programs, updates, running services, etc, as it will be used 100% for gaming, overclocking and testing.


Many thanks!

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here's my suggestion:


stick to XP 32-bit



I'm running XP64 on my main rig, and I am already prepping it to go back to 32-bit.


This is the longest I've been able to stand 64-bit on my rig (3 weeks). Normally in 3 days I'm already back to 32-bit.


I simply cannot live without a printer, and thankfully HP Laserjet printers do not work at all (mine anyway) within XP-64 and HP has zero plans to alleviate this.


that's just one of the many many many reasons why I never can keep 64-bit on my rig for more than a few days (like i said, this is new world record time for me)

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Thanks for the feedback Happy. I had suspicions about whether there would be any performance improvements, and sitting here at work I just finished reading an aritcle over at Techgage (here) about HL2 performance in 32 and 64 bit environments. Suffice it to say there was actually a sizeable performance decrease when moving to 64-bit.


I suppose the 32 vs 64 bit question will be more pertinent when Vista rolls out in a few months, but until then I think I'll take your advice and install good 'ol 32-bit XP. Thanks!

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When I used XP x64 for about a month, I noticed performance drop compared to what I was used to. When the XP 2600+ with a slower graphics card is running the games better you know theres a problem.


Though I've read a few places that games, benchmarks and everything else even the 32bit ones are supposed to run better on x64. I didn't see it though.

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nah i dont care if someone wants to run XP64. I just always relate my disappointment with it so people will hear from both sides.


btw, I have HL2 64-bit installed on my rig...and even in SLI, it still doesn't run as well as on 32-bit.


Keep in mind, 1440x900 w/4xAA/16xAF everything on high etc still nets me about 130fps in Lost Cost, and about 100fps in heavy Day of Defeat action. So it really isn't all that bad.


But 64-bit for me is easily avoided for the fact that I don't just play games. I run applications that are important like vid editing, audio editing, surfing, email, all kinds of stuff. Microsoft stuff like Office of course works well in 64-bit.


But finding a good defrag program, a good anti-virus, a good cd/dvd burning program, a good video editing and audio editing program, and being able to print, among other things, is a tough nut most of the time.


I labored (and had to pay more money out for) to find good 64-bit anti-virus, and settled on NOD32 which works pretty well, but seems to eat more resources than in 32-bit XP. None of the other AV's worked at all or worked very well in 64-bit.


burning cd's and or dvd's....Nero sorta works pretty well. Some have no problems. Most I see have endless problems with any burning software.


mostly I just relate this sort of stuff...most software will work somewhat, or even quite well, but it always runs in 32-bit emulation since there's really no true 64-bit software (other than Source, but that's a whole different discussion, as is FarCry).


Imagine having to use an adapter to get these great new race car engine parts to work on your standard car. The new racing parts work, but they were really made for a real race car engine, and you just can't go out and buy a race car engine for everyday driving (and you wouldn't want to).


However, if you were a racecar driver (ie: a video editor, or game designer, or 3d modeller etc that really could take advantage of 64-bit for production speed/efficiency), then you'd definitely want a racing engine and all those parts which wouldn't need an adapter.


But then you would only drive that racecar....when racing. It isn't for going to get milk and smokes at the grocery store.


That's sorta what XP-64 is for me....if you have a specific need for 64-bit and have a specific set of software that will actually take advantage of it, and it actually built for 64-bit, then you got something kick-butt...otherwise, it's like putting on chrome headers and exhaust pipes etc on my 1993 Mercury Tracer station wagon...sorta useless and thing end up not working proper lol.



(Carl is a huge 64-bit fan and it's Xmas so I won't run him over with the bus today haha)

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I have xp64 on my NF3 rig and I do have problems.... and I will probably go back to 32bit soon....


Drivers arent so tough but getting the normal stuff you use is....I do without more than I like for this OS and I shouldnt have too...but I paid for it and it's a learning experiance...one to be avoided....


play with it and you'll see...


AVAST does work well with 64... and so far so good...media player isnt as good in 64.... and several other programs I like just dont work ....;)

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Guest RohypnoL

I use 32 bit progs like AIM, MSN, Everest, Nero, Diskeeper, and Winamp just fine in XP 64. I love it and I don't plan on going back to x86 any time soon. x64 is just so much snappier than 32 and I refuse to give it up. Game-wise I haven't seen any differences, good or bad, so I can't say anything towards that.



PS: You know you're going to have to slipstream the RAID Drivers from that 6.86 driver package into your windows install if you plan on running RAID with those raptors, right?

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Carl is a huge 64-bit fan and it's Xmas so I won't run him over with the bus today haha


I think Happy knew where I was coming from.

If you want to find out how to overclock your DFI rig, you come to www.dfi-street.com. (you don't search the MSI forum)


If you are looking for drivers for your 64-bit OS (and trust me you will need to), I suggest the download section at PlanetAMD64. Fact is I looked for wireless drivers for 3 months for x64 (some guys are still looking). I never did find a driver or hack for my Logitech webcan. Not sure if there will ever be one I can use.


Actually if I had to go with a single OS it would be XP32 of course.

Just for the simple reason that it is the most compatible with most peripherals.

(Printers, scanners, and webcams are a nightmare in both x64 Edition and Vista x64. It's not a MS problem but the fault of the device manufacturers. And it's a very big problem.)


I'm not smart enough to do the Linux thing, but I do like messing around with other Windows based OSes.

So I triple or quadruple boot XP, x64, Vista x86 and Vista x64.

I like figuring outy what programs will work and which ones will not.

If I am looking for a 64 bit driver I'd head to a site that specialized in x64 Edition, if Vista I ask a smart buddy or check a site that specializes in Vista, but if OCing or if I have a question on my DFI boards well "D-Oh!", www.dfi-street.com of course.


While some believe that Vista x64 will bring about more 64-bit drivers to be created (that hopefully could be used in x64 Edition). I really doubt it.

I think Vista x64 with it's additional security features and requirement for signed drivers (at $25000 a pop) will pretty much kill 64-bit computing for awhile.

I'll bet money a lot of our favorite OC programs either won't be available or will run in 32-bit only in Vista x64.

Vista is supposedly the LAST 32-bit OS (And it ain't even out yet LOL)


So I wasn't trying to be a smartaz, but thought it would be better to tell politbureau a source for more info.

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good points....


To tell you the truth if eveything that I used on x32 worked on x64 I would leave it alone...


all the NF3 box is...is my websurfer/file sever...so I am putting the x32 on it so I can use it for a file server....


That was the main factor for going back (actually tripple booting with x32 and vista 32)


I have been trying to configure x64 as a file server and the built in stuff is there but just doesnt work for me...at all...


but for everything else it's fine...but for 100% of everything I need to do x32 serves best....


I had 2 legit copies of x64 for a year before a loaded the 1st one and probably wont ever load the second one?

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Anti Virus----Kaspersky 6 works just fine on XP-64 bit, I run a dual boot configuration on my game box, 32 bit, and 64 bit (still love far cry 64 bit). Defraggin really bites......but after i killed the swap file.......all was good, 2 gigs of ram do wonders......new game box is a opty 165 at 2.8 ghz.....

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