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Hey guys

(Sorry if this is the wrong section I think this is were this fits)

I am new to building my own pcs and I have encountered a few problems.


1. I have 4 sticks of ram to fit in (totaling 3gb) but if i try adding 3 sticks in i cant seem to get the computer to boot(3 out of the 4 red lights stay on)

All ram is the same and all working.


2. in device manager it has under other Ethernet controller and i cant seem to get this installed so both slots work.


Any help is greatly appreciated


Thanks Philip

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Guest SuppA-SnipA

make a sig first


3 sticks of ram will not work

and for the ethernet controller, try installing the latest nforce 4 chipset drivers available off of nvidias site

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What brand/model 400W power supply do you have?


The minimum requirement for this board is a 480W 24pin ATX v2.2 PSU with at least more than 30a on the +12v rail and from a reputable PSU manufacturer.


The 939 memory controller will not work with 3 sticks of memory.


You must match all the sticks and for the best possible performance use 2 sticks.


And value ram sometimes does not work until you adjust the memory timings.


What is the brand/model for your memory?



And you must plug all 4 power connectors into the board.

# 24pin ATX connector.

# 4pin +12v P4 connector, near the ATX connector.

# Floppy power connector, under the CPU socket.

# Hard drive power connector, on top the chipset fan.









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The board can only run dual chammel with a 1T command rate on either the orange slots or the yellow. Most Ram prefers the orange slots however BH5 Ram seems to like the yellow. You can run all 4 slots but it requires a lot of effort and still only at a 2 T command rate single channel do yourself a favor and either run 2 x1024mb or 2 x512mb in the orange slots. Do a search I saw something on the hynix chippped ram. And until you meet the boards minimum requirement for power your going to have problems. Unstable system= Ram errors while installing windows = driver problems =non working controllers ect. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ed+power+supply

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