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Warning Code at Raid Screen

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Hay all

I have been having this Warning ever since i raided two of my 36GB Raptor's. I don't have a clue what it is or how to fix it. I have never seen this on any other system i have raided.

At the screen where it shows you your raid setting's just after POST i get two Warning's

1.Warning:have option ROM can not be invoked(Vendor ID:11ABh, Deivce ID:4362h)


2.Warning:have option ROM can not be invoked(Vendor ID:1095H, Deivce ID:3114h)


Also can someone help me with setting up dual channel Ram. I have 3 stick's of the same GEIL ram but for some reason it only see's 2. I think this has something to do with dual channel but i don't know. Is there any reason why

my board doesn't see the other 512 mb. CPUZ can see it but it doesn't turn up in POST or in windows settings.


Thanks for all you help

Here is my spec's

AMD 64 3000+ 939 (Upgrading to a x2 4600+ on Tuesday:)

DFI RDX200 CF-DR BIOS is up to data

ATI X1950 PRO 265MB (Killer little card)


Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

2x 36GB Raptor 1000RPM SATA 1

1X 160GB Hard Drive WD

1X 120GB Hard Drive WD

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1) Which SATA vontroller did you use for your Raptors?

2) have you enabled the controller as appropriate to the SATA channel you have your drives on?

3) Which RAID did you use? (as in ATI RAID or SIL3114 SATA RAID)?

3) Chances of your MOBO seeing all three memory sticks are slim.

For the hack of it try setting your memory Command rate to 2t. normal SPD is command rate 1t.

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Both Sil and Uli can not be used at the same time??? This was an issue I think that has not been resolved?? Basically I think there4 isn't enough space in bios to boot both?? I had that same message for months and semmed it did nothing, but just for the sake I did eventually disable other in bios.. I was using ULI in Raid.. SO I diabled sil and message went away.. I hope this helps.. Peace

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Sorry.. you are going to have to choose one SATA controller or the other. I personally prefer the NVRAID solution for my board yours is ATI Raid..


Memsticks.. buy another identical one.. then you can fight with getting all four of them recognized :) way fun!


edit: the command rate is set in the GENIE BIOS settings

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