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R600 BENCHED! Just as expected.

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Just read through this thread...


R600 sounds good, probably will be by Rev 2.

G8 series also very good, drivers a bit of an iffy though if you run Vista (so many delays, quite embarrassing).


What is the difference? Slight in most cases I would guess taking like for like. One man's (or ladies) FSAAX2^(wet dream ratio) is another man's (or ladies) (FSAAX2^(wet dream ratio))/ 2 + HDR.


Anyway should we seriously consider buying this current gear when very soon we will be faced with multi CPU madness. Intel entering the graphics market (ignoring their onboard stuff). AMD swallowing ATI resulting in the CPU, GPU breeding program called Fusion. What next Nvidia making CPU's. And on top of al this we will be faced the separate, external GPU only box making using of external PCIE's. Is the general purpose computer mutating and dying? What next?


My mate thinks his green 200BHP car is faster than my 200BHP red car. Faster at what acceleration, top speed, burning fuel, getting loud, giving him a stiffy, getting his wallet empty.


Time for more wine I think.


P.S - I'm suffering burn out from my last upgrade choice, CPU or GPU. Oh the madness of it all...

First off the difference won't be slight, it will be very noticeable. Second of all, of course we should consider buying this new gear. New gear is always coming out and thats the whole point. Maybe we won't buy it out of the gate but it is there to be bought, not scoffed at. The general purpose computer is advancing... becoming more powerful. Sure its changing but thats technology baby and I'm all in!

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Had too much last night!!!


Irritated because I wanted C2D now there's quad cores - arrggghhhh!!! damn having to keep a roof over my head and eat and other stuff like that

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