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Dead or dying NF4-D?

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That's an amazing price on the OCZ, thanks! It looks like it's either come down to that or the HX620 for me.


Here's one more (and hopefully the last) question: I forgot to mention this before, but I did notice something a little strange a few months ago that could be related to my PSU. Every now and then, even in my old case, the single case fan I had at the time would just suddenly ramp way up in speed for no apparent reason, seemingly above even the highest speeds it should normally be spinning at. I thought it might be due to the temperature settings on the DFI (it was actually connected to the motherboard by the 3-pin connector at the time), but after swapping it out for a fan of the same model that had a 4-pin molex connector instead and attaching it to the PSU, it continued to do it.


The exhaust fan was also set to be fully on after the PWMIC reached 25C in the BIOS, so there's no reason why my motherboard should have been doing that. Could this be some sort of weird voltage fluctuation in the PSU that's causing the fans to do that, and is also maybe the cause of these problems? I was reminded of this when I heard one of the (completely new) fans in my P180 spin up exactly like the old one did for about 30-45 seconds before going back down last night.


Either way, I think I'll be ordering one of these PSUs by tomorrow. Thanks very much for all of your help so far!

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