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Sound card with gameport

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Since Dell tries to put everything possible in the smallest space possible, they put a gameport(which I need) onto a Sound Blaster Sound card. I was wondering if there is a way to have the mobo or XP for that matter, not recognise the sound card but the gameport.

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I doubt it since the drivers for the game port will be in the driver bundle for the sound card. Even if you were to install the card and then disable it you would disable all the functions of the card in the pci slot. Windows directs the traffic thru the pci slot or irq that it is assigned to. So I think not.

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You could just disable the sound drivers in Windows, but most likely the presence of the sound card would pretty much disable onboard sound. What are you trying to plug in anyways?


Or u can just Ebay a Game Port to USB adapter.

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a product still has to have xp drivers... say for a joystick "if not standard"


most even in the game port "old connector" stye are p'n'p


you need 1.


1. joystick drivers +


2. usb/game port drivers (connector type.





i plug in my thruststick "old model" in the sound card joystick gameport

" its using a creative game port driver" (you can also use the built in xp generic gameport driver), and a xp thruststick driver for xp or the generic stick drivers, but not all the buttons are used...




old gear can be used but you have to use certain generic drivers that are built into the joystick list....



xp has at least 30+ goystick generic drivers for well known old joysticks..


unless your rudles was a old usb type (and not even that) you should be able to get ruddles to work..


iv got my old joystick ruddles + stearwing wheel to work with the generic drivers ...


iv even got a joystick (thrust stick origional) from 1992 to work "only with 4 buttons" and a jotstick spliter + joystick + steringwheel+rudders... all with built in generic druivers"


you just have to add them "and config them" the the game port.. old joystick are not plug n play


i was using it till 1 year ago when i got the sieteck 52x



have you enable rudders + pwedals + game port and what driver..(joystick model+type")

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