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if i wana update the uli driver do i have to reinstall

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if i wana update the uli drivers do i have to reinstall windows.


i have a raid 0 running at the moment with 2 seagates.


also whats the best bios for least uli freezes.

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Why do you wanna update?

If there's no problem, don't :)



Conventional wisdom says that if something isn't broke don't fix it, however if you are an engineer if it isn't broke, it probably doesn't have enough features yet.


Taken from my own signature. Pay no attention to the second part unless you are.

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considering he asked what bios is best for least ULI freezes he probably IS having problems....


Very true. Maybe I misunderstood the direction the questions were going.


Drivers are easily updated from a running OS.


As far as BIOS issues go, I used to think that the latest BIOS solved most issues on most mobo's. Since this is my first DFI board I am discovering the same thinking does not apply here. I would suggest looking for systems similar to yours and find out which BIOS is working best in a RAID setup. I'm not using a RAID setup yet so I can't give any suggestions on that aspect of the question.


And again, with how temperamental these boards can be, If it ain't broke don't fix it. If something is working fine on these boards, or any for that matter, and you try and update it for whatever reason, you could waste many hours of valuable game time fixing what wasn't broke in the first place. Trust me. It sucks re-installing windows while your friends are all online. Been there, done that, it sucks.

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