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Ebay seller wants my help

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This thread just about sums it up. When you were little, there are always the older kids screwing with you. If in 10 years when you see those kinds and they came to you for money because they landed in jail and lost all there possesions to there poor beaten wives, i'd tell 'em to shove off anf then mumble "revenge is sweet!"

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My reply


Mr. Taylor


First off in your email it says you " had to go all around to resolve it" Nothing was ever resolved. When I contacted you about receiveing a beige colored monitor instead of a silver and black monitor

that I bid on and won, you stated you have never had that color and it was a mistake, you try to justify the mistake by saying I got a great monitor and a great price. and that you would take care of the misleading description.

I watched for about 2 months and the description was never corrected. So I decided to leave you a neutral feedback for this reason. The monitor does work fine and shipping was good, so I felt a negative was to harsh. I included in the feedback the fact that the item was not as described because of your failure to correct the problem.

The message I received from you after leaving the neutral feedback was over the top you were insulting and rood I even got the inpression you were insuating I was racist. Words like wicked, power trip and the whole rant about wanting to be a cop so I could pick on people was outragous.

I think you were lucky to get a neutral feedback from me. I know there are many buyers who would have done much more.

So now you come to me with polite words and a help a guy out because it all your fault attitude.

At this point I do not see any reason to help you out. You made no real effort to correct the original problem and then you were rude and insulting to me in your message.

I value you Ebay and like purchasing items there. I would not want to put another bidder in this kind of situation because I elected to help you out.

In the future I hope you work harder to make sure the items you list and there descriptions match

and I hope that you learned to treat your buyers with more respect.


maybe anger managment classes would be worth looking into. good luck in you future buisness dealings.


best regards


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Just looking at you're Avatar and reading the closeing statement...LOL


lol kicking cats is a great stress reliever.

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His reply




I'm not sure what you meant by the listing was not corrected in 2 months.

You know, when you are dealing with used monitors and listing lots of

monitors, there's always going to be some mistakes no matter how hard you

pay attention to the listings. Most of the listings are relist which also

makes it harder to catch such mistakes, as color, unless the mistake is as

severe as listing a Black monitor but the picture is a beige one. That is a

major mistake which is like day and night.

Anyway, I thought your Neutral was unfair considering the fact that you got

one of the best in the warehouse simply because you are right here in my

backyard and went another mile to locate the best among the inventory.


I do understand why you had responded as you this now and I do appreciate

the fact that you had pointed out such issues to me.

Thanks for the response and I will take your advice seriously.


Happy New Year.



-----Original Message-----

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