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Will Thermalright HR-03 work with 7900GT?

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I have been looking around and know for sure that I want the HR-03 for my 7900GT KO. However, I have some concerns.


Firstly, Thermalright's site says


Model: 7900 Series | Slot Type: PCI-E | Compatibility: NO | Remarks: use cushpad


So... wth does that mean? it says not compatible and then says use cushpad.


Secondly, I remember the HR-05 said it was incompatible with the eXpert board, and yet the one I have installed right now works like a charm.


Anyway, if anyone can vouch for the cards compatibilty, or lack thereof, with the HS, I would appreciate it. THANKS

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I thought when I looked before it said the 7900 series was OK. Maybe an issue arose. I had this cooler and it may have caused the death of two 7950GTs. I'll probably never know, but I RMAed the first one after it didn't boot after I'd installed the cooler, and when I got the second one back and put the cooler on, it caught fire, but not anywhere near the GPU.

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