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Sli 7900gtx (slow) 7900gt (faster)???

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Hi all, wondered if you could help me out. Problem is SLI (Drivers) maybe, I'm using 93.71, on my two Gainward 7900gt's no problems whatsoever, good scores in 3dmark06 etc, etc.

After a fresh install of xp with my 2x BFG7900gtx's fitted, latest drivers etc, etc, I get poor/low benchmark scores, I tested the cards in my nf4-dr mobo, no problems, only when these are in the expert the (slow issue occurres) wtf !!! is going on ?. These cards are new from BFG (re-cons) supplied as I RMA'd the originals due to banding problems as with most OC'd 7900GTX's.

I can now rule the cards out from being defective as they work in my second rig & my mates asus mobo on the latest drivers.


The Gainward 7900GT's on 93.71 work great in expert


The BFG 7900GTX's on 93.71 go slow in expert


Both sets of cards run fine in the DR mobo ?


Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated, been banging my head over this issue for too many months now !!!!


Thanks, Stressed Tom.

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How do the GTX test out as single cards, i would test to see if they work the same as single and try and narrow the problem a bit further.....


Do you have the chipset drivers installed correctly, have you tried different versions?


Do you have directx installed correctly?


Have you tried other Forceware drivers?


Do you have sli enabled correctly? Are both cards running at 8X in sli, some users have had problems with the bottom or 2nd Pcie slot stuck at 2X....


Have you tried enabling SLI like this.............



Enter your bios. Go To Advanced Bios Features/SLI Broadcast = Enable (Auto).

Next Got to Genie Bios and ensure you have 8-4-NC-8 (Expert) enabled in bios or the SLi Jumpers Enabled (NF4 Ultra-D/SLi-D/SLi-DR)

Also in Genie Bios go to Dual 6600 GT Cards Support = Disabled.

Have both gfx cards inserted into their slots, with the SLi bridge connecting them both.

Make sure your monitor is connected to the top graphics card (PCIe1) and in the lower Dvi/Dsub port nearest the motherboard.


Uninstall your nvidia graphics driver from Add/Remove Programs........do not reboot when it asks you

Download Driver Cleaner Pro and run it too remove any remnants of the old driver......when you run driver cleaner choose the option for Nvidia not any of the others

Reboot your PC.


Winblows will find your hardware and try to install drivers Cancel it....

Download and install the newest Forceware drivers 93.71

When your prompted reboot.

Upon reboot you should see the prompt in the taskbar saying that your cards are SLI capable

Enter into Display properties and enable Sli and your golden.


If your still getting a black screen on reboot and you cant see your desktop do the whole lot again.

This time do it from Safe Mode i.e hit F8 on restart.

Uninstall the driver and then run Driver Cleaner again.

Reboot as normal to winblows and try again installing your new driver.......Reboot etc and see how that fares.


Note: If your getting a warning that states that one of your cards is not compatible. Then try turning the SLi Bridge around the opposite way...



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Thx for your reply bud, I've tried every combo of chip set & gfx driver going modded ones, beta ones, even the latest beta 93.81, all DFI bios, etc, & I know how to remove the drivers correctly as after close to 1000 times you don't forget.

@ lunchtime today, i'd thought i'd try latest beta driver 93.81, no result still poor fps in 3dmark06 opening screen.


Anyway still totally pissed, I've gone back to 84.21, frame rates back up by avrage of 30-40%, makes a hell of a difference to the fps & overall score in

3dmark06 & games.


Well to conclude, having spent 5 months working on this problem, using a total of 9 different SLI rigs 4 my own & 5 mate's, all nvidia drivers from when SLI was introduced, + chip set, etc, etc. it appears that some cards (different manufacturers) will work & some will not correctly in SLI on the expert mobo, note same with my second expert & two of my mate's expert mobo.:confused:


If anyone has any comments on the subject, please feel free as I'm @ a total loss with nvidia 9 series driver in this current setup.


I'm not blaming Nvidia, DFI, BFG or any other manufacturer in anyway as from my post, 9 series drivers work with some SLI configs, it's just so dame frustrating when it's your own SLI rig has issue's.


Reckon I may build my system on the NF4-DR SLI instead of the expert, it's either that or another set of high end cards ????:(

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i would go for the sli-dr if both card work fne on it


expert is bit picky, even if i dont personnlay own one,but the original nf4 have always serve me well

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in two words: thermal throttling


Could be the temperature of the GTX cards is reaching a very high maximum, and thus one or both gpu's throttle their speed down.

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@ sorrento, not on my system bud, both gpu's under full load don't hit 30c, they idle @ approx 21-23c, only time I've seen them over 30c was before I fitted the DD water blocks!!!!.

Cpu under full load don't break 30c (prime 12 hrs).


Another fresh rebuild last night, various combo's of drivers, bios etc, same results. Using 84.21 driver and it bangs along in any benchmark ! 3dmark06 on 93.71 = 5628, with 84.21 = 7483.


Going to let Nvidia know there beta 93.81 is no good for me either.


Anyone had this sort of issue, are third party drivers and bios (gfx cards) worth a go next?:sad:

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Hmm, its your fault for writting your signature with nearly invisible colors :rolleyes:


Didn't read the red font saying you were using DD waterblocks.

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Hi frozen i was havin same prob after changin mobo for expert (low 3d scores)done what loggan said now im running in sli driver 93.71 3d 06 score 8993 still low but working on it so what im saying is are you running sli

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